Healthy Boy Band
Because it really does matter
The HOT BOX BUILDING is an artistic project developed specifically for the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024.
Collected thoughts from Mara Feisst, Peter Fetz, Andreas Gfrerer, Zineb Hattab, Christoph “Krauli” Held, Douglas McMaster, Hannah Neunteufel, Lukas Knoll, Elif Oskan, Barbara Prainsack, Alex Sattler, Kira Saskia Schinko and Elisabeth Schweeger.

Based on the Japanese omakase setting, the HealthyBoy Band around Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger and Felix Schellhorn is dedicated to the sausage and interprets them in various variations. However, the HOT BOX BUILDING is not only about sausage in terms of cuisine, but also in terms of content: about the tavern as (endangered?) social institution and bulwark against the “epidemic of loneliness,” about coming together, excess, tradition and cancel culture, about familiar places, culture of debate and, of course, the resource of food. And it must also be about all of this, because none of this simply doesn't matter.

We have collected voices both behind and in front of the counter: from hosts and guests, from producers and chefs, from those for whom both tradition and the future matter.

Here is a potpourri of voices that care about the tavern.

Because it doesn't just don't matter: The future

The goal for me is to create a place withoutuncomfortable situations.

Reflection is an important term.
The question: Where am I right now?

You don't need a restaurant to be a host.

I believe that you have to see what you have andnot what you miss.

Question everything, all the time.
We don't have a military style in the kitchen.

The food and the drinks are a manifestation of what we do.

You have to be careful not to idealize “progressive.”
The question is: What is the goal?

When you do something radical, there is a lot of resistance and fear.

Because it doesn't just don't matter: The we

There are far too few women in the catering industry.

My job is a love-hate relationship; but a nice one.

In the ten years of catering, there have been many traumas, many attacks. It shouldn't be that way.

Most sexual assaults still occur in restaurants.

Working shorter doesn't mean working less, but working better.

People want good work, and good work must be sustainable.

It is not just about pursuing the goals of companies, but also about pursuing the goals of a community.

If I had always waited for politics...

I think fractures are important, that there is friction, that you bring opposites together.

It's about human connection. And if it's delicious, it helps.

I am a fan of diversity all over the place.

I think there are too many bad companies in our job.

People need to be comfortable, to be able to feel like themselves.

I think diversity creates creativity.

The food you create together is a team effort.

Because it's not easy don't make a difference: The excess

At some point, the addiction to evaluation subsides. Only then can the excess begin, and things can happen that you don't expect.

In Austria, they have a nice culture of excess, they dress beautifully and then change their clothes.

Giving love is our way of being excessive.

My aim is to get close to perfection.

I imagine a world for a few hours in which unforgettable moments can then be created.

When it (the excess) gets too often, it becomes a problem.

I think it's important to cultivate, to let the sow out.

I'm looking for safe spaces for my excesses.

I believe that we women have to keep their roles very much as mothers, as someone who must always be available — perhaps that is why.

I have to destroy something first so that something new can be created.

Value less, celebrate a bit more.

Vacation is the new religion.

Because it doesn't just don't matter: The resource

Nature doesn't have a bin, it is a human thing.We have created it and we should uncreate it.

Connect to farmers.

Zero waste is not only about using Surplus.it is about using everything.

In Austria, we have a bread culture that is not communicated.

Local is not always sustainable.

We buy bread for €15 and throw away €8 of it.

We should not aim for the lowest prices in agriculture, but for the highest prices.

There is no appreciation for staple foods in Austria.

A staple food gains value when anxiety is involved.

Food is completely political, everything that is abasic need is political.

The inn is the most beautiful place for me.

I would like to see a sensible food label regulation.

Food connects us and can also separate us. A binless restaurant is not strange, a bin is.Zero waste has to be the future of food.
In terms of creativity, waste is fascinating.

Because it's not just a sausage: The tavern

For me, tavern culture means sitting together at the table and having a drink.

In the tavern, you have to face people, you can deal with others.

A good tavern culture includes a culture of debate on equal terms.

The important thing is how you felt and not whatyou ate.

In the tavern, at the regulars' table, I have to expect resistance; people are often anonymous on social media.

Towns that don't have places where people come together have a problem. The tavern is part of the social process. And very important.

The feedback from the day guest is much more important to us than the awards.

If you have to pre-order and can't go to the tavern spontaneously anymore, that's a problem.

Hosting is an art.